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I’m sure that you know what I try to write in this post when you read the title of this post. Actually, 2013 is the best year that I ever through in my life and it will be great if I can write it on my blog. You know, time flies and our memories also flies. So here I am, try to help myself remember every single thing that I through in 2013. Because being a traveler is being blessed and I am grateful have a life as a traveler. My life is getting better and I swear the world is getting bigger since I travel. I see the world different and every single step that I did, it gives me the real life.
The first thing that I love from this kind of life is I find, I see, I heard, I feel, and I share a lot of things that I couldn’t do if I do not travel. Traveling is a kind of chances that help people keeps their dream bravely. Every single person in this world have a same chance to travel if they want, if they brave enough to realize that the world is created to be explored. 

The Memorable Moments about Bali

I still remember the first time I watched a news about how to backpacking in Bali. You know, I never have a chance to visit Bali when I live in Balikpapan. Bali is too far away for me. When another students in Java have a chance to visit Bali in their study tour, I never have that chance. So when I watched the news and they explained that Bali is possible for everyone. I dare myself dream about Bali. One day, I will go to Bali.
Time flies, it was about four years ago. I don’t know how God works but He is really works. January 2013 that was the first time I came to Bali. But it is not the point that I want to share in this post. The great story about Bali is when I realize that I’m being the part of my friends’ happiness. Bali is the first time for everyone. It was my first time arranged the trip for me and my friends. It was the first time for Dessy, Diana, Tanti and Diana’s mother to fly. I still remember how excited they were for their first flight. It was also the first time for Diana brought her mom for holiday. She brought her mom to Bali and it was really sweet. Every second that we spent together in Bali was worth enough. I do not know how grateful I am watching their happiness. At least, if one day I am not really exist in this world, they will still remember me every time they remember about Bali. Being a part of their happiness is really great and I’m grateful for it. 
Dessy, Mrs Tina and Tanti
 Go Abroad for the First Time
Being brave enough to keep my dreams is the second thing that I love from this kind of life. I know that I’m not rich enough to go abroad. I have not much money. I live in the circles that going abroad is impossible for people like me. I know how hard for me bring it to reality but yeah at least I try.
Kuala Lumpur!
I still keep my dream and believe that one day I can go to Singapore and Malaysia. I keep my head straight to make sure that I can bring this dream to reality. Even I should wait for a year or more, the time that I spend for prepare this trip is worthy. I bought the promo ticket, I made a passport, I saved my money and yeah I spent a year for prepare my first trip to Singapore and Malaysia. It was really worthy. I still remember I cried in the flight that brought me to Kuala Lumpur. I said to myself, that it seems so impossible, but it is so real. Even my father do not know that I ever go to Singapore and Malaysia, he never know that I ever go abroad. Yeah, bring the dream to reality is seems impossible but it is so possible. 

The Sweet Birthday Gift
Selamat Ulang Tahun Winda Provita
I never celebrate my birthday. I passed every birthday without any memories. No party, no gift, it seems like nothing special with my birthday, who cares. But everything changed since I travel, being a traveler is being blessed and I’m totally blessed. I never imagine that I could bring a birthday cake in Penanjakan 1. You know, I got a chance to celebrate my last birthday in Bromo and it was really awesome. I still remember how cold that moment, when I cried like a baby and I know all people there saw me surprisingly, I don’t care. It was the greatest moment that I ever through in my life. I felt like all people knew that it was my birthday when they saw me, I felt like it was the sweetest birthday gift that I ever got. I’m really blessed. I just don’t know what will God brings to me, but I believe that He has a greatest plan for me.
It was also my friend's birthday. Happy birthday Flo :)
Bromo is not only the birthday gift for me. I also got a chance to spent my whole day with the sulphur miners. I had no idea that went to Kawah Ijen could gave me the unforgetable memories but yeah, spent my day with them gave me another chances to see the world different and I really miss that moment now.
Sometimes, had limited budget to travel is another way to feel another experiences that we couldn’t buy with our money.


  1. What a spirit of youth! :D
    Just keep traveling around the world as far as you could.
    It's best way to embrace the precious moment of your life.

    1. heheheehe thank you, pasti ngaco yak b.inggrisnya XD

    2. You did your best to write it. It is a beautiful writing in a wonderful thought.

  2. Wiin...kenapa aku ikutan terharu bacanya yaa...hahahaha... suka baca yg bagian kamu arranged trip ke Bali dgn temen2mu itu :)

    1. akupun terharu pas nulis part yg itu mbak hehehehe :D

  3. Haahahaa.
    Great pake banget..

  4. Aku ngak ngerti apa arti nya ini, maklum ngak bisa bahasa jerman ... btw ini bahasa jerman kan ??? #amnesia